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FAQs and how to order

How to order: 


Before you order, it helps to know some things, so that I can provide you with an accurate quote faster:


What kind of signage do you require: painted directly onto an existing surface (Ie shop fascia, wall, boat etc), or onto board or another substrate provided by Muddy Creek Signs?

A simple board, or an "A" board or hanging sign- single or double sided? With a frame- simple or elaborate - or without?


Proposed size of sign.


Wording: what you want the sign to say. The one single thing that costs most in a sign is the amount of lettering, so you might want to look at the most concise way to get your message across!


Lettering style- simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary? Your choice of lettering can say so much about your business. I can give you plenty of advice on this one :)


Style and colour- do you already have an idea of how you want your sign to look? I can do anything from magic up an entire look for clients who are stuck for an idea, through to faithfully reproducing completed artwork, but the majority of clients provide me with some rough ideas of design, colour, lettering style that I work into a finished design for them.


Do you need to add "pictorials"- painted images? I can paint pretty much anything!






 How much will a sign from Muddy Creek Signs cost?


This depends on many things; amount of words (a lot of lettering is the single most expensive and time consuming thing), style and decoration, whether you'd like a frame, or a double sided sign, size....However, my signs usually compare favourably, pricewise, with their vinyl equivalent. If you get in touch, I'll be able to provide you with a ballpark figure.


How long will it take?


On average, there's a 4- 6 week wait before I can make your sign, and the average sign then takes a week or two to make. This can increase in the spring and summer, when I'm busiest, and sometimes in winter there's no wait at all. I work with many tourism- related businesses, and there's always a rush of spring orders, so if you've got your heart set on smart new signage for an Easter opening, I recommend you get your order in nice and early!


Can you make signs for customers nationwide?


Yes, if they're signs on board (or slate). We can communicate via email, and send images and sketches back and forth. I use great couriers who will deliver anything, no matter how big.

If it's a case of painting on site - onto a wall, boat or fascia, for example- it's always worth asking, but I can usually only do this in Cornwall.


Do you do site visits?


Yes, in Cornwall.