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I make signs for a wide variety of customers and purposes, but always paint everything by hand, using traditional skills and techniques.


While the majority of my customers are businesses, I'm always happy to accept private commissions such as wedding signs, house names, and personalised signs as gifts.


Although Muddy Creek Signs is based in Cornwall, free standing signs can be delivered nationwide, and have travelled as far afield as Ireland, Austria and the USA.


The majority of my signs use marine plywood as a base material, with edges sealed with epoxy to ensure durability, followed by 5 or 6 coats of oil based paint as base coat.

One advantage of plywood is that it can be cut into pretty much any shape you want- the only limit is your imagination!

Signs can also have a frame if required, and I can provide swinging signs and "A" boards.


I can also paint directly onto an existing surface, whether that's an interior or exterior wall, an existing shop fascia, a boat, or something left field like a pizza oven or tin bottle (don't ask!).

I often paint small signs, for example house signs, on slate if required.


I also design and make chalkboards -popular as menus, eye catching additional interior signage and wedding signs- for which I usually use permanent chalkboard markers rather than paint.


Another interesting technique is gilding; -lettering using real 23ct gold leaf. A great traditional application for this is reverse glass gilding,used to great effect on shop windows, and on the over door fanlights of period properties.


As a fine arts graduate, I am also well equipped to be able to paint "pictorials"- the old signwriters' term for visual images in a sign, whether it be swallows, landscapes, mackerel or mops!  clck to insert body text here ...


Regarding design, I am happy to design your sign from scratch for you, help you pull together your ideas and design references into a finished sign, or replicate any artwork you provide.


Please get in touch to talk about your sign requirements - whether it be a tiny house number, a 30ft wide mural, or anything in between!

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